Photos are the business card for your project. Employee portraits, business shoot, nature and landscape photos, according to your requirements.


Whether short, information or advertising film, the story and the emotions are crucial.


From design to completion, according to your ideas, to the goal.


Staff Portraits

Your employees and you are skilfully staged by the right focus.

Practices, law firms & business premises

Your customers want to know what to expect. Make it easy for your target audience with high quality photos to get an idea.

Nature and landscape

Whether landscape pictures as posters in the living room, or as background of your website, according to your ideas.

Architectural & aerial photographs

Aerial photos take your location into a scenic context. Acquire demanding customers with optimal perspectives for your property.



In the preliminary talk, we define your goals and the core messages of the film. With this information, we work together to design the concept and integrate you into the creative process right up to the creation of the turntable.

Film and sound recordings

With Steadycam, gimbal system and drone I enable the implementation of your ideas.


Not only video editing and sound synchronization but also animations, color correction & color grading are the tools for a fruitless result.


Individual web design

An individual design, tailored to you and your target group.


The layout of their website adapts to the screen sizes of any device. Images and videos are optimized for short loading times in different sizes.

Modular construction

Your website is clearly structured and can easily be extended with new functions in the future.


HTTPS encryption

In addition to the confidence-building of the browser message “This site is safe”, HTTPS encryption is now also an important signal for higher Google rankings.